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As an Empowerment Coach and Creativity Consultant, I support people on getting past “there’s got to be more to life!” by showing people how to reignite their creative spark and transform their lives. I combine creativity and fun with practical tools to get solid results.

I help people find the hidden blocks and unconscious emotional triggers that have been sabotaging them and holding them back, guiding them into gently releasing these blocks and owning their own worth, letting their natural confidence blossom and shine through.

Why do I coach? What brings me joy and fulfillment?

It’s seeing that light inside people, and doing what I can to support and encourage that light to spark and glow brightly until even they see their own potential, what’s possible. Starting from right where they are.

As long as they are open and coachable, I am with them, supporting, guiding, encouraging them. Even when they don’t see how fantastic they are.

Especially when they can’t see how fantastic they are!

I never see them as anything less. Ever.

That is what I’m up to.

That is who I am.

Now, if you want someone like that on your side, if you’re willing to take a step forward and move on with your life, and discover the Amazing person you are inside, start now by booking a consultation with me.

You won’t regret it.


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Want to discover your most confident self? Let me help you with this.
Together, we will pinpoint what’s been holding you back from your most confident self.
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I’m Kathy Tulley a Confidence Coach and Creativity Specialist.

My biggest passion in life is seeing people fired up and eager to find what’s possible for them.

Together we spark your creativity, rebuild self-confidence and embrace your self-worth.

This is the place for you, If you…

  • Are ready to be your most confident self.
  • Are saying “there’s got to be more to life!”
  • Are ready to discover and release the hidden emotional blocks holding you back.
  • Are not willing to lose any more time, energy, income or peace of mind.
  • Have ever wondered what might be possible for you with the right support.
  • Are willing to see yourself as the amazing, worthwhile person I already know you are.

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