Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Affirmation: Finding the Peace In Patience
Or “How to Have Creative Fun with Anagrams and the Angels”

This is the video I didn’t want to make! :-p

Continuing the affirmations theme for this week, the Angels sent me a new affirmation on Patience.

Patience, especially for myself, has been challenging for me. I resisted this a long time, convinced that the Angels were trying to turn me into a super-patient person overnight.

After I resisted this idea a while, I finally let the Angels show me what they meant. They were not trying to change me suddenly into a different person (they never do). Instead, they gave me the thought of “finding peace in patience.”

That thought intrigued me so I meditated on it more, with less resistance now to the idea of being patient. I realized that not only was “finding peace in patience” a positive concept, the Angels also meant it literally. Anagrams!

I did some Brainstorming other possible anagrams (or near anagrams) for Patience:
Catnap in Peace
Entice Peace
From Panic to Peace
Adjust Your Pace to Find Peace

All of these intrigued me, especially the catnap one. Feeling peaceful and Being patient is a lot easier after a relaxing catnap!

I also loved the idea of enticing or coaxing peace and patience to me.

I really enjoyed playing with the idea of finding as many anagrams for patience as I could. Then I found myself naturally being more and more peaceful and patient with myself and others.

I invite you to play with the idea of finding new words and meanings for patience and make it fun. The Angels love being around your lighthearted, playful energy.

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