Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Affirmation: Being Love, Overflowing for All!
Or “How a Ceramic Vase inspired My Fav Love Affirmation from the Angels”

The idea of Affirmations has been overused, but the Angels showed me a new way to look at it, especially with today’s affirmation about “being love, overflowing for all.”

A lovely ceramic vase fountain; the kind where a fountain pump has been placed inside a ceramic vase, so the vase is filled with water as it is pumped up through the top of the vase and cascades over the sides, to be refilled pumped back up to the top again.

That is the image I saw in my head as I received these words from the Angels.

My love meditation from the Angels:
I am Loved
I am Love
I am Love Overflowing for All!

In this example, see yourself as the vase, holding that structure for the water to flow through, up and over, in an endless cycle. The water represents the love itself, flowing and connecting and filling us up to the top and overflowing for everyone to experience.

In the same way, if you let yourself be filled with love first from the Angels and then let it overflow, then you have more to give and share, reducing anxieties and fears of lack or loss of love, letting you relax, heal and experience abundance.

First, you can imagine and feel that sensation of being completely loved by the Angels.
Then, you can imagine and feel that you Are Love energy itself, embodying and holding that space for everyone of pure love and caring.
Then let that feeling of being love for all overflow to everyone, so that all may be enriched and heal.

As you go through your day, ponder how you can Be love for yourself, so that you can embody that love for other people. Or how you can Be that energy of peace for yourself so that you can be that for others.

This process may bring up old issues and hidden triggers that are keeping you from feeling love, joy and peace for yourself.

I have found that going through this meditation exercise, while being patient and kind to myself, helps me find those old issues and triggers and that they start releasing their grip and healing.

Then I started noticing my behavior and attitude toward myself improving and becoming kinder and more caring.

I hope that you will give this a try and see what healing and love may come up for you.

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