Kat’s Empowerment Tips: The Angel’s Guide: What my Inner Rogue Taught me About Using Sneakiness for Success!

This is continuing to build on the theme I started last Monday, about taking advantage of the Happiness Advantage, tapping into your inner child for inspiration, fun, and joy and using all of that to build up a strong sense of self-worth that you bring into your everyday life.

During a meditation today, I surprised myself by tapping into my inner rogue, that precocious child I have been sometimes who knows what she wants and goes after it! Like when I was 5 and wanted to visit a neighbor friend who lived two houses down while my great-grandmother was napping; I visited her and her puzzled mom, even helped her mom fold laundry while charmingly entertaining her with stories. Until I got home to my great-grandmother awake and panicking that she couldn’t find me. Lots of yelling!

Or when I wanted to make up one of the “open packet, dump mix into mixing bowl, add a cup of water and blend until smooth” brownie mixes that my mom would buy. Did I mention I was only 6? 🙂

I remember well getting the mix, cup of water, rubber spatula and pulling a chair over to stand at the right hand to use the mixer, already set up on the counter. I made sure that my childhood best friend, all of 4 and a bit of rogue too, stayed safely a few feet away. I knew well enough not to mess with the beaters and to carefully use a rubber spatula to wipe down the sides. Sure, I hadn’t considered how to get the batter from the heavy ceramic mixing bowl into the little brownie pan, but it turned out I didn’t have to.

I had just gotten it all blended and ready when my mom woke up from her nap and then panic! Yelling! Lots! Thinking I’d endanger myself or my friend. Silly mommy! :-p

Oh and after she stopped yelling and after my dad got home and yelled and everyone cooled off, I even got to have one of the brownies.

Yeah, I could be a little stinker sometimes, a trickster like my hero Bugs Bunny and like all the angels I’ve connected with during meditation. I consider that a compliment. 😉

But I knew what I was doing; I’d observed, strategized and planned well. I’m a little in awe at my sneaky, confident strategizing, even so young. Yes, I was also relying a bit on that childhood sense of invincibility but it was also grounded in experience, since I had survived and eventually thrived after being abandoned in a car on the side of the highway overnight at age 4 during my bipolar mommy’s full psychotic break. That was one of the earliest angel experiences that I can remember.

After that day, when everything I knew and clung to in the entire world was taken from me, I learned that I’m not alone and that I can adapt and deal with it, whatever happens.

But that’s a story for another day!

I thought I lost my inner rogue long ago. Happily it turned out she wasn’t gone, just strategically biding her time until I was ready.

So, where is Your sneaky inner rogue? I have a feeling she’s much closer to the surface than you realize.

I look forward to hearing your adventures when you embrace her and let her out! 🙂

As an Empowerment Coach and Creativity Consultant, I am focused on connecting you with your Angels to joyfully embrace your power, sharpen your intuition, and grow your confidence and sense of self-worth!

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