Kat’s Empowerment Tips: The Angel’s Guide: How to Tap into Your Joy to Get Results Fast!

Continuing to build on the theme I started on Monday, about taking advantage of the Happiness Advantage, as well as tapping into your inner child for inspiration, fun, and joy.

Joy is playing, happy, fun, vitality, feeling truly alive, Vavavoom! 🙂

But how to tap into Joy?

An example from last week: I’m job searching, trying to get interviews and hopefully, an offer letter. But despite my efforts at the beginning of the week, it just wasn’t happening.

So I meditated and tuned into my Angels; they gave me this great gratitude exercise to try:
Start first thing in the morning, preferably before you even open your eyes, and name three things you are grateful for.

It could be as simple as, “I’m grateful for my pillow, for my quilt, and because I didn’t wake up on an active volcano this morning!” 🙂

Note: The Angels approve of silly items to be grateful for because it makes you smile, laugh, feel lighter and it’s already getting you one step closer to Joy, before you even get out of bed!

Then, during the day, reinforce the morning gratitude exercise like this:
“Even though ________, I am still open to the possibility of Joy!”

For example, “even though traffic is challenging, I am still open to the possibility of Joy!”

In this example, you are acknowledging what is frustrating and then immediately opening up to joy.

Even being open to the mere possibility of joy can be enough to shift your day to a more positive gear.

As I mentioned in an earlier video, psychologists say that your brain can’t tell the difference between what you imagine is happening vs what is really happening. All the more reason to be as positive as you can be!

I practiced these gratitude affirmations throughout my week and things did start happening! I got three new job opportunities and already had pre-interview conversations with two of them.

There was definitely something real in the being joy, relaxing and opening up, that shifted my week into a more positive place.

My week Definitely ended up better and more upbeat than it started.

I hope you’ll give the gratitude exercise a try and keep tapping into Joy! Look forward to hearing about your results.

As an Empowerment Coach and Creativity Consultant, I am focused on connecting you with your Angels to joyfully embrace your power, sharpen your intuition, and grow your confidence and sense of self-worth!

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