Special “Brain Hack” video two-part mini series this week to shift your thinking and open your heart to happiness, right here and now.

Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Brain Hack: How to Redirect Your Mind to Filter for Happiness!
Or What Magic happens when you ask: What Great Things are Possible Today….”

How to break the “autopilot” habit and switch your brain’s focus to what makes You happy, shifting you into a whole new happiness mindset, here and now.

Your brain is lazy; it tends to want to stay in the same patterns, setting us up to stay in autopilot mode. Time to wake up your brain and take control of your mood and attitude, through adjusting your focus.

Someone mentioned to me that your brain looks for hits, like a search engine, trying to quickly and efficiently find an answer that you are looking for.

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re having a challenging day; if someone asks “what issues or problems are happening today”, suddenly, that is all you can see. It can feel like things are even worse than they are because you are focusing so tightly on the negative.

I was feeling discouraged by this and meditated with the Angels and I got an inspiring thought: If this works so well for negative thoughts, why not flip this and focus on the positive?

The new question to focus on might be “what great things are happening?” That might lead you to suddenly notice all of the positive things around you, even in the middle of a challenging day.

As I was meditating, the Angels challenged me to take this a step further and start asking:
“What great things are possible today?”

I hope you try out this Brain Hack from the Angels and see how fast it works to redirect your mind to filter for happiness. Unexpected positive bonuses might happen as well.

Test it out and let me know how it shifts your day!

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