Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Find Your Acorns: Breaking Big Problems into Little Ones

Some days, you start off feeling good and optimistic, until you check your email: BAM! Bad news. Then check again later: BAM! More bad news! It’s enough
to make you want to turn off your email and hide from the world. I got bad news like that today that hit me hard; I was down and discouraged, and I
couldn’t see daylight.

Thank goodness that my dear friend encouraged me to listen to the “Little Acorns” song by The White Stripes, and I got inspired. The song mentions a
discouraged woman being inspired by seeing a squirrel store away acorns for the winter. She realized she could break down big problems into little ones,
and her life got better when she started taking action on that.

This inspired me into a better mood, and now I am passing it along to you. I like the image of an acorn representing something good to store away for a bad
day; like a tool in your survival kit. What are your little acorns, the things that brighten your day when you are feeling down? It could be a favorite
song, a funny cat video on YouTube, or favorite friend who always seems to know the right things to say.

I hope you find your own little acorns and store them away until you need them.

In the meantime, remember that your Angels are watching over you, reminding you to keep breathing and that they love and believe in you!

As an Empowerment Coach and Creativity Consultant, I am focused on connecting you with your Angels to joyfully embrace your power, sharpen your intuition,
and grow your confidence and sense of self-worth!

Want to find out how your Angels can help you create a life you love?

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