Kat’s Empowerment Tips: New year, clean slate: How are you allowing Joy in this year?

Remember, you write your life stories, mostly due to what you focus on day to day. Even when things happen outside your control, you still get to direct your thoughts and choose what you focus on. Whatever you are consistently focused on is what shows up.

What are your mind’s filters set on? If you set your focus on happiness, you are more likely to find things that make you happy, almost without trying. You might stumble across a funny comic or someone might send you something to make you laugh.

This works, whether you are currently feeling happy or just open to the possibility of being happy. The act of being open to possibility opens up new opportunities for happy thoughts to filter through. The same thing happens with Joy.

Joy is fun, healing, lightheartedness, laughter and the best kind of healing! Who wouldn’t want that?

Whether you welcome Joy in with open arms or stubbornly try to stomp and kick your way to Joy, I look forward to hearing all the
different ways Joy opens up for you today!

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