Kat’s Empowerment Tips: New year, clean slate: How can the Angels support you this year?

In this new year, the Angels want to know: how can we support You this year?

As I was mediating with the Angels last week, they surprised me by asking what support I want this year toward my goals. Isn’t it funny how often we get busy helping others and forget to ask for things ourselves?

So, I made a list of my 2018 goals and asked for help! Liberating feeing to freely ask for help and let it in.

The Angels are asking you: What is important to you, what do you want? You get to choose. Write it down or just ask the Angels for help with this in your thoughts.

Put out there what you want, allow the Angels to contribute to you, and see what happens.

Pay attention to hunches and vague flashes of intuition that come up; they are very often leading you down the path to connect with others who can help you with your goals.

It could be as simple as getting a nudge to read a particular book then while reading it, you think of a specific friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Following that intuition, you call that friend, who says “funny you should call; I was thinking about you the other day. Remember how you wanted to learn how to skydive? I am now doing web design for a skydriving school and they are offering to take me and a friend up and teach us to skydive. Want to go?” Ta da!

All kinds of meaningful coincidences happen every day, more than you might realize.

The Angels love to work with us and help us through us helping each other. It’s fantastic when you can catch a glimpse of how things can come together for the best outcome.

Take some time alone in a quiet place to meditate on what you want, as simple as closing your eyes and breathing deeply in and out, imagining the things you want most to have in your life. This is a great way to convey what you want to the Angels through your relaxed thoughts. Even just being open to the possibility of what you want opens up new opportunities for the Angels to help you find and achieve what you want.

I invite you to relax, follow your intuition and hunches, be open to what’s possible and see what shows up! You might be happily
surprised by what you find.

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