Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Vitality and Joy (bonus affirmation song)

Today is all about Vitality and Joy. I can’t think about Vitality without also thinking of Joy.

Vitality to me is about being fully alive and thriving. Joy is about happiness and upbeatbeatedness (my word! :-p)

Included is my affirmation song. It’s about Joy, Creation, Fun and Vitality!

I was inspired to create it in about 10 min back in 2011 after a Landmark Education class on being a possibility of something inspiring. Holding that space.

I’m happy to hold a space for more Joy, Creation, Fun and Vitality of in the world! đŸ™‚

Were is Your Joy? When do you experience Vitality and the feeling of being truly alive?
Or do you search for that and want to find it?

I’d love to talk to you about how you can have that in your life, here and now.

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