Kathy is an excellent friend and coach. She listens carefully and can quickly get to the heart of almost any issue. She can ease tense situations, clear up confusion, and help people see their own value. The image I have of her is “light”. She shines light on situations and brightens self-perceptions.

Amber Woods

Kathy is an encourager to everyone.

She is insightful and thoughtful and seems to quickly but gently bring focus to priority issues. Her genuine care for people is priceless!

Sheryl Woods

Thanks, Kathy! My attitude has changed so much towards being more positive. I now think “Well of course I can.” Much appreciation. 🙂

Nancy Khaleel

Kathy is highly intuitive and has helped me tremendously. She has not only been a coach to me but is now become a dear friend of mine. With her coaching, I have been able to leave Texas, my home state, accept a wonderful speech therapy position, and pursue my dream of living in the Pacific Northwest, where I started not knowing anyone. Without her guidance and support, I’m not sure if I would have made the big leap to the unknown. I will always be grateful. I am living and becoming the best version of myself person because of her.

Gbulilit Altura


Kathy mixes the magic of the angels and personal coaching so well. She really helped me realize how to approach things with a different perspective, and helped me realize who my guiding angel is! She is really knowledgeable, and there is just no way you can’t like her. I highly recommend her readings

Janie Frances

Over the years, Kathy has encouraged me to do what I love best. She has a way of kindly but firmly pushing you to figure out what you want and to achieve your goals. She believes in you, and before long, you start to believe in yourself.

Katie Semple

Kathy Tulley has helped me in so many ways, but mainly she forced me to look within myself to find the answers i needed. She is positive, loving and kind among many things. She truly cares and will work tirelessly to help a friend in need. She knows exactly what to say and do to get you back on the path to success whether in business, spiritually, love, or just needing to talk it out. If you’re seeking a great coach or just a friend, she is the light in the darkness.

Kristin Jones

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