Special “Brain Hack” video two-part mini series this week to shift your thinking and open your heart to happiness, right here and now.

Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Brain Hack: How to Redirect Your Mind to Create New Paths!
Or What Magic happens when you ask yourself: What is the Most Random Path to my Goals….

How to embrace randomness and play as a way to switch your brain’s focus to the unexpected, shifting you onto a completely new path to happiness, here and now.

This was inspired by an amazing deck of fun cards to bring out your creativity, “A Whack on the Side of the Head” by Roger von Oech that I discovered years ago.

Each card had a different idea or story snippet to get your creative thinking started. A particular favorite is one about how a Native American Medicine Man used the concept of a new random path to help his tribe find new hunting grounds to feed the tribe. He took a new piece of leather and aged it in a way that it formed cracks, creating a map. He added a local reference point and sent them to go find new game, and they did!

Another story I heard was a woman used the “open a random book, pick a random word and let that be the answer to a problem you’re trying to solve” idea. She was trying to reorganize her office and the random word was “fig leaf”. This totally stumped her until she brainstormed on a fig leaf, how it could be used to cover. She ended up being inspired to get an lovely Asian folding screen that covered the areas she wanted to hide but could also be folded up and set aside when necessary.

How can You embrace randomness today for success? The Angels and I want to know!

Want to find out how your Angels can help you create a new path to a life you LOVE?
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