Gratitude is one of the highest forms of self-love you can experience!
Happy Thanksgiving Week, Part One

Kat’s Empowerment Tips: Being Grateful. Whatever Happens!
Or “How to already be grateful before great things show up…”

Today’s tip is about being grateful, right now today, with whatever is happening, while you are living your life and allowing great new things to come to you!

Appreciate what you have right now.

You know those times when you think “okay, I’m grateful for this and but this situation is not quite what I want to be” but then something happens and the situation gets a little bit worse. Suddenly, you realize you didn’t have it so bad and wish you had the other situation back!

That’s the time to breathe, feel grateful right here and now, even in the middle of this.

Say thank you for the breakdowns, thank you for the breakthroughs, thank you for everything, even the things that drive you crazy! Then patiently watch as things slowly get better again.

They will!

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